Who is Gigi ?

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I love meeting new people and hope we can share exciting adventures together. Who is Gigi? Mountains, beach, forest, hiking, dancing, yoga, meditation , and soooo much more! Peaceful, sweet, humble, southern belle and true native Texan !
GIGI–BERRY“THE LOVE GURU”“ THE RIPER THE BERRY………..THE SWEETER THE JUICE …LOVE is the greatest of all!! Therefore, all that come into the Gigi berry path are treated , as she wants to be treated! With LOVE, KINDNESS,TENDERNESS, AFFECTION. In  order to have a very relaxing, stress free, positive experience, Gigi likes to take her time and focus on the individual needs. Everyday life can be a challenge, so her goal is to have a mutually beneficial experience, leaving all with a feeling of BLISSFUL JOY, RELAXATION, HAPPINESS and A BIG SMILE on their face!

Likes Yoga, hiking, ocean, beach, mountains,  great hygiene, traveling, reading, meeting new people, meditation, massage and much more .
Dislikes Stinking unclean people, Inconsiderate people and negativity.
Hobbies Healthy food, yoga, hiking, biking, (out doors lady), reading, travel, any many others!
Favorite Food(s) Watermelon
Favorite Beverages water,  fresh squeezed juices,……organic girl
Favorite Flower Chamomile
Favorite Perfume Essential oils
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Animal Dog
Favorite Music Calm meditation, Bach, Beethoven, native flute, classics, rock, country and more.
Favorite Holiday Me time
Preferred Gifts  $$$$ as I have very specific tastes